For the Love of Horses

The equestrian sport is bubbling with new impulses that are born out of the need for a renewed and more holistic understanding of the horse as a being, their physiological, mental and emotional needs.

In my opinion every horse has an innate right to be treated and handled fairly, with care and understanding. Every single horse is unique, just like us. That being said, fortunately there are a lot of commonalities and approaches to increase the horse’s well-being both with and without a rider.

Let’s make a difference
I have always known that my life would revolve around horses, and I dreamt of becoming a professional rider. Because of this, I was completely distraught when a back injury during my trainers’ education put an end to my continuous journey in the business. But what a gift it turned out to be, and today I am deeply grateful that life took such a turn. It meant that I was forced to find new ways. And that has since become the connecting thread of my life. I am always open to new inspiration and curious about other approaches that I may incorporate in my work with the horses. Work that has one sole purpose: Improving the welfare of horses.

I invite you to browse the website and look at the articles, photos, and video content. And then – let’s make a difference!

With Love,

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