Physical Training for Riders

Fortunately it has become common knowledge that not only the horse needs to be in shape, but that this certainly also applies to the rider. Whether you ride just for fun or work professionally with dressage, jumping or military, riding is only truly enjoyable when you are fit.

When you are fit you can influence the horse with much greater finesse than a physically challenged rider can. The equestrian sport is becoming increasingly technically challenging, and thus the well-coordinated and balanced rider will have the upper hand.

During riding our bodies are exposed to other tensions than normal, which is why you as a rider, not unlike other athletes, can benefit highly from physical training and exercises attuned to your specific needs.

Physical training brings you greater body awareness, which is vital to provide the horse the optimal aid at exactly the right time. A lot of riders don’t know how their bodies function motorically and this leads to bad timing which in turn can lead to unwanted problems and confusion.

Another benefit of physical training is lessening the risk of injuries and unnecessary damage to bones and joints.

The training is planned in coordination with Jonas Smith who has many years of experience adjusting training to individual needs and who has also helped me optimize my physical prerequisites as a rider. You can learn more about Jonas on


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