Movement Analysis

In general you could say that a movement analysis is a great tool to better your understanding of the horse’s movements. Especially, if you have had serious challenges during training and if your horse has had several or perhaps even many injuries, it can be vital to go deeper with a movement analysis.

I am aware that many horses are brought to me only when it is their last chance which is why it is imperative to go about it as thoroughly as possible. With the movement analysis we focus on decreased movement, pain, blockages and immobile joints.

A movement analysis typically consists of

  • Lunging your horse on both hard and soft surface
  • Checking the mobility of the horse´s body
  • If the horse is capable I include a riding analysis
  • Stretching exercises to work on the challenges of the horse.

Movement analysis, along with Rider´s Analysis, tuition and developing a program for your training can be part of a package for which the prize is DKK 2350,-

Driving expenses are added outside the Region of Northern Zealand.

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