Your Options as a rider

All of us deal with both physical and mental imbalances, and many of them impact our horses and challenge us greatly during riding and training. I have many times experienced how sensitive my horses have been to tension and blockages I have suffered through the years.

Unfortunately a great number of horses are ruled out because of behavioural problems and chronic injuries that often end in the horse being put down. It is my experience, though, that many horses are trained incorrectly and that they can be helped a new, and this is why so much of my teaching aims to help you feel yourself in order to make you feel your horse even better.

That means, among other things, that I strive to convey you a basic understanding of the physiological principles at play. Knowledge of the horse’s movement apparatus and biomechanics as well as insight into your own physiology and anatomy will not only give you more insight into the issues that may arise during training and in relation to possible injuries but also a more complete understanding of the interaction between you and your horse.

If this is the first time being taught by me, we start with a rider´s analysis. It gives us the best starting point for your course. Read more about the rider´s analysis.

And because a very central and crucial part of my own process has been and continues to be my physical exercise, I have also chosen to offer physical training for riders. You can read more about that here.

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