On the Road to Greater Understanding

Pain free, uninhibited movement is essential to succeed and thrive. Both when the horse is with and without a rider, it is crucial that he can move freely and without discomfort.

This is why it is natural for me to combine treatment of the horse with teaching. We cannot separate things. Our impact on the horses is inevitable so let us do our very best to influence them as positively as possible.

Because of my incurable curiosity and passion for horses, throughout many years I have acquired a wide range of approaches to incorporate in my work with the horses. Both because of my educations as a physiotherapist and as a trainer, numerous courses and all the knowledge I have accumulated through the years from both inspiring two-legged beings, but very much from the horses who time and time again inspire deeper understanding and greater insight.

I believe that an integral approach is the necessary foundation of consciously progressing and improving, and I have a heartfelt desire to make a difference for the horses that so generously make such a difference in our lives!

Dig a little deeper
On the Treatment site you can read more about different, concrete techniques I incorporate, just as you can see why a movement analysis helps to explore and uncover how your horse is doing and what we can do to help him thrive and lead a more fun work life.

If you are also curious about your options as a rider, please look into Rider, Rider’s Analysis, and Physical Training. Yes, it is all connected, as I am sure you know, and the more we can embrace things from the entire palette, the more knowledge we gain and the greater difference we can make.

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