Rider’s analysis – for both yours and your horse’s sake

Important! A rider’s analysis is a prerequisite for tuition for first time riders!

No matter how motivated and inspired we are as riders we all face challenges in working with our horses. Not least when we reach the high dressage exercises.

Because of this I always commence with a rider’s analysis when you ask for my assistance. This gives me an outline of what you can already do as a rider, and where your challenges lie. That then gives us both an invaluable knowledge in your continuous steps and a unique possibility to adapt your training.

In the photos below you can see some of the things I test during the rider’s analysis.

This includes a balance test on two weight scales where I check how you distribute the weight on right and left side, between forefeet and heals, and how you balance out right and left volte.

I also test the movement of your seat using a Balimo chair.

These tests give me an idea on how your seat works during riding and what exercises might be beneficial for you before getting in the saddle. You will most likely also ride for about 30 minutes, which helps us to come closer to a solution to the challenges you may have.

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