Equicore Concepts have been developed in a cross professional corporation between therapists, veterinarians, riders and trainers by adjusting humane sports medicine, physiotherapy and performance enhancing principles to the horse.

Focus is on activation and strengthening the horse’s muscles and thus its motorics that you as a rider with simple means can workout your horse and help it to move better while preventing back pain and injuries by strengthening the horse’s neck, abdominal- and back muscles.

Equicore was developed over the past two decades and is based on professional principles, clinical experience and research. The system consists of a saddle pad onto which is sewn a plastic lock system and two elastic bands.

The theoretical principles behind Equiband, which the system is called, are made to impact the nervous-, muscular and joint functions. Optimized function means improved movement, and researchers find that Equiband can be used within retraining, performance enhancement and prevention of injuries.

The key to this lies in increasing the horse’s proprioception while strengthening and activating the deep muscular system of the horse through movement.

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